Generally speaking the teaching day will consist of 75 minute classes, lunch-time and/or late afternoon talks/lectures. A wide variety of genres (i.e. honkyoku, sankyoku, shinkyoku, etc) will be offered on each teaching day. Each day will also provide a class for each of the four levels (beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced) at most times.
There will be two main teachers’ evening concerts and an open-mic evening for participants to perform. The student concert where the taught pieces will be performed (usually alongside the respective teachers) will be held on Sunday afternoon, hence the Sunday teaching day will be shorter.

Draft schedule now ready to view.
Please note that this is a draft timetable. The final copy will be send to all participants a week before the summer school. There will be minimal changes to the date and time of workshops but some changes to the room allocation. 

Download Schedule (updated 23 July)

The standard length of 1.8 shakuhachi will be used in the workshops.


Riley Lee

Ryuhei (Chikuho)

Takiotoshi (KSK)

Adrift on the sea of tranquility (Riley Lee, 2010)

Emu (Kuribayashi Hideaki)

Hildegard von Bingen (12th Century songs arranged by Riley Lee)

Araki Kodō  VI

Shika no tone (Kodō-kai)

Tsuki no kyoku (Kodō-kai)

Kokū Reibō (Kinko)

Sanya sugagaki (Kinko)

Chidori no kyoku

Kiku Day (Zensabo)

Koro sugagaki

Daiotsu gaeshi

Yamato choshi

Hi fu mi cho


Talk: The shakuhachi in war

Talk: The Kinpū-ryū 

Michael Soumei Coxall (Chikumeisha)

Sono no aki

Keshi no hana


Tsuru no koe

Shizu no kyoku (Kinko honkyoku)

Horacio Curti (KSK)





Suizan Jean-François Lagrost (Tozan)

Tsuido (shakuhachi duet by Yamamoto Horan)


Iwashimizu (Tozan honkyoku)


Asa no umi (Tozan honkyoku)

Emmanuelle Rouaud

De vagues et d’élans for shakuhachi and guitar (Henri Algadafe, 2014)

Naruto tunes

Emmanuelle Rouaud/Thorsten Knaub

Improvisation, Narrative & Moving Image: Exploration of experimental and contemporary shakuhachi techniques

Thorsten Knaub

Ji-nashi making workshop

Ji-ari repairs and making demonstration

Jose Vargas

Ji-nashi making workshop

Repair workshop (Demonstration of external binding to protect the bamboo and the emergency procedures in case of the bamboo cracking.)

Improvisation with live electronics workshop (There is no requirement of any equipment for students except the shakuhachi. Please bring an Ipad if you want to buy and install some apps and do a setup. You are also welcome to bring your own gear.)

Improvisation workshop (everybody is welcome to create extensive “bamboo terror”!)

Talk: About bamboo

Philip Horan

Celtic honkyoku

Irish songs

Irish dance tunes

The music of Turlough O’Carolan

Renaissance ensemble music

Summer School Notations & Recordings

The notations for most of the pieces, together with recordings, will be available in due course on this website to help participants to prepare. Please note that copies of the notation will NOT be available during the summer school so make sure to download and print them in advance.

Music stands will not be available so please ensure to bring your own.


Thursday: Open Mic Night 19:30-21:30

The ‘Open Mic’ concert is a space for participants who would like to share their performances in a less formal environment and is open to all participants of the summer school who wish to perform. On the first day of the summer school, 20 July, participants can sign up to perform in the concert, until the total performance times have been filled. The length of the concert is limited so pieces should be short, about 6 minutes maximum. Participation will be based on the order of signing up and the organisers reserve the right to limit the number of performers or to omit pieces if the organisation of the presentation/performance makes this necessary.

Friday: Teachers’ Concert 19:30-21:30

This concert will feature the main teachers and genres taught at the summer school.

Saturday: Students’ Concert 19:30-21:30

This special concert will feature all the participants performing and sharing a selection of the pieces which they have learnt during the summer school.

Sunday: Gala Concert 13:00-14:30

This concert will feature a range of shakuhachi repertoire as well as two premieres by composers Henri Algadafe and Taichi Imanishi. This concert will be free for ESS summer school participants.

There will also be three concerts in the week following the summer school, organised by the biwa player, Charles Marshall.

All tickets are available at the door.

Date and timeVenueTicket priceMusicians
Sunday July 23 at 13:00-14:30Irish Institute of Music and Song, Balbriggan15 eurosShakuhachi, koto performers from the summer school including Riley Lee and Araki Kodo VI
Monday July 24 at 13:20-14:00St Ann’s Church, Dawson Street, Dublin city centre10 eurosShakuhachi and biwa performers
Thursday July 27 at 13:20-14:00St Ann’s Church, Dawson Street, Dublin city centre10 eurosRiley Lee (shakuhachi) and Araki Kodō VI (shakuhachi)
Saturday July 29at 18:00Kildare Cathedral, Kildare town, County Kildare15 eurosRiley Lee (shakuhachi), Araki Kodō VI (shakuhachi and Irish flute), Charles Marshall (biwa), Triona Marshall (harp) and Philip Horan (shakuhachi)